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Class of 2017



Shawn Doss - Marion, AR 

Very long and smooth, can attack the basket and shoot

from from anywhere

very explosive


2.Xavier Reed- Lepanto, AR -6'2 guard

very crafty, combo guard, can play 1-3,

very athletic and explosive, jumpshot is improving

sees the floor well. looks to pass first, communicates well on both ends


3. Josh Richardson- Blytheville, AR- 6'5 post player, can stretch the floor with the 3 ball and mid range jumper, very high IQ, great footwork and face up game.


4. Malik Anderson- Nettleton, AR  6'4 guard  very good ball handler, can create his own shot, can shoot it from any where on the court, very

athletic and smooth game. He will have a breakout senior year!


5. J'sebian Brown - Lepanto, AR  6'3   guard

can shoot it short and deep, can create for himself and others,

long and athletic, can handle it. High  IQ, great court vision,


and rebounds well from the point guard spot



Laquentin Miles - Marked Tree, AR  6'0 guard very quick and aggressive, sees the floor well, He can take

over from the point guard spot, likes to drive and create for others and himself, can shoot it well



Omar Parchmen- Wynne, AR  6'8  foward

can shoot it 15 feet and in,  great footwork, very aggressive,


blocks shots and rebounds well, runs floor well



Marcus Boykins- Cross County, AR 6'0 guard  very good ballhandler and

scorer, he can shoot it and pass it well


Darion Gilmore - Osceola, AR - 6'6 - foward

Good hands, great shot blocker, needs to improve shot

 and footwork



Travis Rodgers- Earle, AR 6'0 guard one of the best shooter

in the area, can handle and finish well in traffic,

great on ball defender, looking for a break out year this season



Micah Sims-  Arlington, TN.  6'4  foward


long athletic  and streaky shooter, high motor, great rebounder



Billy Murray, Jr.- Earle, AR  6'2 guard

very quick and long, can shoot the ball, good defender, can play 1-3



Dontrell Johnson - Earle, AR  6'4 guard

very athletic, can attack the basket and finish in traff



Austin Phelan- Blytheville, AR  6'4 guard

very crafty, best shooter in the area, long and agrresive,

can create his own shot



Griffin Denkins - Osceola, AR - 5'9 - guard

Good shooter and defender, very good defender


Demarrious Hudson- West Memphis, AR  6'3 guard


Tevin Mosley- West Memphis, AR 6'7 Post Very athletic, good footwork, good rebounder, shot blocker


Noah Smith - Osceola, AR - 6'4 - foward

Average ball handling, good around the basket, good passer


Kamari Marrs- Marion, AR 6'5   foward

long Athletic, can play that 3-5, ballhandling has improves,

shoots it well from 15 in


Devin Mosley- West Memphis, AR 6'6 Post Very athletic, good footwork, great shot blocker


Class of 2018


1. Dez Sills  - Jonesboro, AR  6'2 guard  This kid is tough,   Signed with Arkansas 

can shoot it from mid range and 3 point range, very athletic

and strong, he has offers from UALR, UAB, Missouri, and SMU.

Ole Miss, Gonzaga, Stanford, Iowa State, Creighton, Tennessee,UVA

Purdue have inquired about him.

 He will be the best player in the state in this class. 


2. Dante Adams   Osceola, AR  6'2  guard

Made top 20 out of 80 players at AAO combine in Sept.

Most athletic guard in this class,

he had 21 rebounds in regional final last season, 

Can attack the rim and dunk with aggression.



Tony Hudson- Jonesboro, AR- 6'2 guard  Can stroke it with the best of them

He hit 6 3-pointers in a row in a national championship game this summer.

very crafty with the handle, can jump out the gym


4. Travontaa Doolittle- Earle, AR  6'4 guard

very athletic, great handle, attack and dunks at the rim, can play 1-4

 passes well. He will be the best player in Earle this season


5. Micheal Caruthers - Blytheville, AR - 6'3- guard

 Great shooter and ballhandler, very long athletic


6.Kelsey Hubbard - West Memphis, AR - 6'2 guard

Excellent ballhandler,  great floor general,

 makes the right play and takes care of the basketball.  



7. Derrel Brown - Osceola, AR - 6'1 - guard

Very athletic and long, explosive jumper, good defender


8. Jonathan Stephenson - Osceola, AR - 5'7  guard

One of the best guards in this class, excellent passer and

playmaker, can see the court as well as anybody,

great footwork and streaky shooter, 19pts per game,

 11 asst per game in aau


9.Martinez Harper- Marion, AR  6'1 Guard

very explosive going to the rim.  Good shooter from mid range and 3 pt range.  Very aggrressive defender and good passer. He will help Marion in the backcourt this year.


10.Sydney Stinson - West Memphis, AR 6'2 guard

 very strong and athletic, plays above the rim


11. Kobe Wilson - Jonesboro, AR  6'0 Point Guard  great passer, very athletic,

can attack the rim and finish with hard dunks,

shoots it very well from midrange and 3 point range


12. Brandon Partee - Gosnell, AR 6'2 Guard  Very aggressive guard, can play the small forward spot, good mid range shooter


13. Zach Byrd  West Memphis, AR- 6'4  Foward   Very athletic, good footwork,

rebounds and blocks shots 


14. Gary Bohanon - Earle, AR - 6'4 - foward

Very aggressive power foward, looks like a Sr. High player,

 extremely strong rebounder, shot blocker, strong around the basket,

attempted 21 free throws in one game.


15.Curtis Washington- West Memphis, AR  6'1 guard  

Very quick and aggressive, can shoot it and attack the rim. Good IQ


16.Franchello Jamar  Little Rock, AR  5'8  pg

Great passer , Great ball defender, very quick and athletic,

looks to pass first

Best on ball defender in this class




Class of 2019

1.Makai Caruthers 6'1 guard Osceola Ar

great player scorer ,can shoot it from anywhere,

 best scorer in this class, can play 1-3 positons


2. Keshun Woods 6'0 Guard Marion,AR  

Best playmaker in this class, very aggressive attacking the rim


3. Timothy Ceaser 6'6 foward Marion Ar .

Long athletic player great shot blocker can shoot the mid range shot

Best post player in this classs


 4. Brady Woodall  6'1 guard Manila, AR 

 can shoot it from anywhere, good ballhandler


5. Kavon Paige  West Memphis, AR  5'8 pg  very quick

and aggressive, can run the show, thinks pass first

but can take over a game with crafty moves and

jumpshot, best point guard in this class


 6. Jariq Scales  6'0   Osceola, AR   point guard

very athletic and heady guard.  3.8 gpa, very aggressive, streaky shooter, great IQ


7. Carl Miner      5'10 guard Osceola, AR  

great defender, good slasher


Kenneth Phillips  West Memphis, AR- 6'2


Mark Robinson West Memphis, AR  6'2


Dekota Lewis  West Memphis, AR  6'2





Class of 2020


1.Chris Moore  6'6  foward  West Memphis, AR  -

best player in this class, hands down. He can defend, score,

handle, and create his own shot. 


2.Trey Young 6'0 point guard Gosnell, AR

one of the best scorers in this class,

very aggressive attacking the rim,

went 13/20 n freethrows in a game


3.Daniel Newsone  5'9 point guard  Osceola, AR   

best pg in this class, very aggressive and quick, pass first but can finish well 

with both hands


4.Marlon Vance  6'0   guard  Osceola, AR

 best scoring guard in this class, very explosive, jump shot is improving 

great rebounder and shot blocker, can play all five spots


5.Greg Hooks  6'2 foward   Osceola, AR  

very long and athletic, can play all five spots, good shooter from mid range and 


6. Emmanuel Hoard     5'8 guard    West Memphis, AR

 Very aggresvie guard, attack the rim well


7.Bill Estell 6'3 foward Osceola, AR

Can rebound well, can stretch the floor from 3 point range


8. Detrick Reeves, Jr. 6'2 Marion, AR

Can do it all, can play 1-3, one of the best scorers in this class, can shoot it inside and outside, He passes well and attacks the rim with aggression.


9. Darius Cisero 6'3 guard Earle, AR

Very big guard, can play 1-3, he is very smooth with the handle, streaky shooter, passes well and attacks the basket very strong






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